Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig – MBLF130 Dacia



NAME: Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig – MBLF130 DACIA
MATERIAL: Human Hair Blend
TYPE: Lace Front Wig
LENGTH: Extra Long

  • Super Long
  • Hand-Made 2″ Deep Wide Lace
  • The new Bobbi Boss Lace Front 100% human hair Blend wig offers a superior fitting without the use of tape or glue. It has multiple inner combs that are used to securely hold the wig into place. Included are soft, flexible lace patches for comfortable, long-wear use with great ventilation. The deep inner lacings create a natural parting and the ear to ear lace patches cover the full hair line on the face, giving you the most natural look.
  • Be strong. Be beautiful. BE BOSS.

Care Instructions

  • Gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig comb to remove any tangles.
  • Use a wig shampoo to wash inside of the cap where it meets your forehead and the nape area to remove oil and sweat. Then apply the wig shampoo to the hair using a wig brush. Be sure to brush in one direction.
  • After washing, apply a crem-type detangling conditioner in the same manner as the wig shampoo. Rinse with running lukewarm water.
  • Blot excess water with a towel, then air dry your wig on a wig stand


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